How to join the colorful store

For the entire jewelry industry, more and more people are opening diamonds, gold, silverware, jade and other jewelry stores, occupying more than half of the jewelry market, the market space that can be opened up is gradually shrinking, and the colored gemstone market is quietly emerging. Join the Caibao store at the time. So what are the well-known Caibao brands? How to join the colorful store?

Demand for colored gemstones surges, new opportunities for the Nuggets

According to the analysis of senior color treasure experts, the demand for colored gemstones has surged in recent years. Colored gemstones have become the most popular consumer products in the domestic jewelry market after gold, jade and diamonds, and the awareness rate and purchase rate of colored gemstone products have been in the past five years. The growth of colored gemstones has more than doubled in the middle of the year. The price of colored gemstones has risen sharply in the past five years. Colored gemstones have become one of the fastest-growing varieties in the collection, which has brought new opportunities for investors in the Nuggets.

How to join the colorful store

How to join the colorful store

The first thing to do is to solve the funding problem, then the passion for entrepreneurship, then the professional ability, and finally the luck. I suggest that all friends who want to start a business should first choose 1-3 industries according to their own interests or abilities. After confirming, it is recommended to go to the store in the industry to practice or work and learn from experience.

The funds required to be a franchise store are different according to the requirements of different companies. Generally, they are not very low, because they need to buy a batch of goods. In addition, the decoration of the store, the recruitment and training of personnel need to follow the jewellery brand company. Required to proceed. Specific major jewelry brands have detailed affiliation policies and procedures.

Joining the Caibao store can also follow the following principles:

1. With the help of well-known stores.

Choose places where female consumers often appear, such as popular shopping malls, clothing cities, and women's specialty stores.

2. Use the "get together" effect.

If the jewelry store's product advantages are obvious, the items are more distinctive, and the competitive strength is strong, then the location can be considered in a relatively concentrated place like "jewelry street".

3. The traffic volume is the most important.

Prosperous streets, downtown areas, and public stations can be considered.

4. Select the "Low Density" area. If the product features of the jewelry store are not obvious or the operating experience is not rich enough, you can avoid the competition of the opponent and choose the place where the jewelry store is covered by “low density”.

What are the famous Caibao brands?

Currently in the international arena, the most famous colorful jewelry brands are: Cartier, BVLGARI, COLORGEMS, Tiffany & Co., Graff. This top five jewellery luxury color treasure brand, jewelry design style is very good, many star big names are wearing their colorful jewelry oh, they are the signpost of the color treasure industry, leading the direction of the world's colorful jewelry development.

Colorful cake

At present, Caibao accounts for more than 12% of the international jewelry market. In China, this ratio is only 5%. It can be predicted that Caibao has a broad growth space in the Chinese market. In 2014, investing in the colorful treasure shop, this piece of cake is not yours!

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