Heart-shaped jewelry is implanted in the right eye! Women make eyes shine (figure)

According to the British "Daily Mail" report, in order to show that she is different, New York woman Lucy Lucaenko recently spent $3,000 to find a doctor to put a heart-shaped platinum jewelry into the eye of her right eye.

Lucayanko said that the operation lasted only about 1 minute. With this heart-shaped jewel in the eye, she is the only one in the world.

However, the doctor who gave her surgery, Emini Chen, said that there are already hundreds of people who have jewels on their eyes. They are all operating in Europe or Los Angeles. This operation is still the first in New York. Kayanko is his first customer.

When he was doing surgery, he first anesthetized Lukajanko's right eye, then cut a small hole in the eyeball and put in jewelry. Of course, the mouth can only be opened in the white part of the eye and can not be opened on the pupil. Although the operation sounded terrible, Dr. Chen insisted that the operation was safe.

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