TITI2012 Summer single fashion wardrobe essential

TITI women's clothing has been pursuing the unique design, the color of the novel, the continuation of the previous self-confidence, independent urban white-collar style to design as the soul, based on product quality, such as men 's elegant neckline, cuffs and other design details, intell

The prospect of new medical textiles

Medical textiles are one of the most innovative and technologically advanced varieties of textiles. In the field of application, there are four main categories: the first category is surgical implantable textiles such as sutures, artificial blood vessels, prosthetic heart valves, artificial joints,

An Nai children's colorful activities with children…

In the spring, when the flowers fall, the summer green leaves are dancing in the warm air and most of us can feel the summer vitality. It is the first summer festival - "June." Children Day. Well-known children's clothing brand Aner children prepared for the festival before and after

Bangji deer children's clothing to create first-cla…

The Bungeei brand hopes to give good wishes to the children's love by shaping the lovely landmark of "Deer" and hopes all the children will bravely show themselves and be alert in today's advanced society Seize the opportunity around to achieve their own ambitions. Truly realize t

Buy fur "to understand a little fur," fur gar…

Buy fur "to understand a little fur," not everyone can enter the fur market, nor is anyone who can easily buy a good marten. Whether it is in the mall, Hankou North, or the street store, a slip of fur at first glance, no difference, but the price is very different. Mao Yang (a pseudonym),

Adolescent women don’t wear high heels

[This site - Dr. shoes] Experts introduced to: the young women put on high heels, center of gravity forward, chest and abdomen, looks fit, lightweight, graceful grace. But not every young woman is suitable for wearing high heels, especially adolescent girls before the age of 20 should not wear hig

Golden Sun: washing, drying and ironing of silk

Abstract: There are many varieties of silk, and the characteristics of the variety must be paid attention to when washing. Golden Sun introduces you to the matters needing attention when washing and drying silk. Keywords: silk washing golden sun 1. There are many varieties of silk, and the ch

Learn to "frequency" with customers

[China Glass Network] Learn to guide and "frequency modulation", synchronize with customers, and thus enter the "track" of different people. What is "frequency modulation"? Now that the technology is developed, everyone listens to MP3 and MP4, but

Saint Desi Men 2012 summer new products to create a sen…

During the 10-day Beijing China International Fashion Week, designers showed their talent on stage T and led us to see the new highlights and styles of 2012 fashion from a trend perspective. The vitality and creativity of Chinese men's clothing are widely recognized and praised by their counter

Emerald really drop or fall?

Recently, the Jade market in various provinces and cities across the country began to spread to the adjustment period and even fell. News, especially in the Jade market in Jieyang, Guangdong, the market is particularly cold, this sign seems to break the jade market has only risen over the