Macro-control limits the rebound of cotton prices

The strong support formed by the country’s temporary purchase and storage has been fully digested by the market. The current market structure will temporarily support the continued rebound of cotton prices. The conversion of macroeconomic control targets will limit Zheng’s co

DAY 2|Fashion comming, design strength fighting!

Millennial time, Wanli territory, from the former Jiangnan weaving to today's modern city of Hangzhou, from the banks of the Lijiang River to Sichuan Xiangxiang, fashion across time and space, thousands of blends in today's China International Fashion Week show. This website City Light

A/W2019 Shenzhen Fashion Week | DAY6: Show Preview

1 Bennis Benni x IBIC x AVOC 2019.03.19 11:00 Tuesday Happy Coast Coconut Grove Beach B-58 Show 2 LIU YONG 2019.03.19 13:00 Tuesday Happy Coast Coconut Grove Beach A-60 Show 3 One on ten 2019.03.19 14:00 Tuesday Happy Coast Coconut Grove Beach B-61 Show 4 ShanZi play a yarn~ 2019.03.

Wuhan Textile and Clothing Industry Update Pattern

In 2011, faced with severe tests of various unfavorable factors at home and abroad, the Wuhan textile and apparel industry, supported by the government, relied on key enterprises to adjust the structure, upgrade and promote development, and gradually formed a new industrial structure. In 2

China Textile City: The transformation and upgrading of…

Zhiren Dyeing and Jishan Printing and Dyeing won the first prize of provincial science and technology, Zhuang Jiewufang won the second prize of provincial achievement conversion, and the president of Zhejiang Textile Institute Hu Keqin won the third prize of provincial achievement conversi

Bein (BEIN) for the world's women provide the most …

Bein (BEIN) is Hangzhou Cathy Clothing Co., Ltd. to create a pursuit of noble life fashion women's brand. BEIN takes the concept of "fashion, nature and beauty" as its design purpose and combines simplicity, elegance and taste to guide the trend and create the goal of self-struggle.

Chinese domestic brand Metersbonwe: Innovative definiti…

Different from manufacturing, in the apparel, fashion, entertainment and other industries, Europe and the United States have always had the absolute power to speak and lead the trend. As a Chinese local apparel brand, Metersbonwe was able to rank among the top 10 global apparel brands in the three

Shishi Textile and Garment Industry Committed to "…

Editor's note: In addition to apparel design, there are many links including production process design, talent design, brand operation design, etc., creating a creative “industrial chain” in which consumer groups design diversity and meet the development of modern-scale ent

100 famous shoes industry settled in Wuhou direct shoe …

As a well-known shoe brand channel operator in China, 100 famous brand chains recently officially entered the Wuhou Direct Shoes City, and at the same time launched the “Love Funding for 100 Sichuan Poor Student Activities”. This is another important investment promotion projec