Collector's show ancestors Ming Dynasty incense burner

Before the Spring Festival, the mother took out her ancestral incense burner and wiped it out. This incense burner was handed down from the mother's ancestors. It was specially used to burn incense. I don't know how many generations have been passed down. Finally, I transferred it to my mother. The mother always regards it as a treasure in the family. The incense burner collected by the mother is 8 cm high, 11.5 cm in diameter and 7.5 cm in diameter. There are two furnace ears on the mouth of the incense burner, and the total weight is 3.6 kg. The incense burner is made of all-copper, the body is drum-shaped, the shape is dignified and elegant, simple and generous, and the craftsmanship is exquisite. Although it has been tempered by the years, it still retains the luster of copper, and the inside of the incense burner has long been fragrant black. The bottom of the incense burner is triangularly distributed with three feet. The word "Da Ming Xuande" in the center of the furnace is a powerful testimony to its life.

The mother said that her ancestors were a big family, and every year during the Spring Festival, the family held large-scale ancestral activities. This copper incense burner is an indispensable object in the ancestral activities. However, from the mother's grandfather, the family fell, and later caught up with the outbreak of the War of Resistance Against Japan, the family fled, and the mother's father took the incense burner before fleeing. Later, after experiencing the turmoil of life and the changes of the years, no matter how hard it is, he always took the incense burner with him. Before he died, he passed it on to his mother.

The mother believed in Buddhism in her later years, and the family began to worship the Bodhisattva statue. This incense burner became a must-have item for the mother to burn incense. The mother is very religious, burning incense and worship every day, in the smog, the incense burner has become the carrier of the mother's hope.

Two years ago, my family came to a distant relative, a Buddhist, and a collector. After seeing his mother's incense burner, he was amazed and praised for his beautiful appearance, which was rare and worth collecting. Therefore, the mother can no longer use it to burn incense, but carefully wrapped it with a red cloth and placed it on the top of the cabinet.

The family has an ancestral incense burner, which not only allows us to witness the changes of history, but also brings great joy to the mother's later life. During the two years of the Spring Festival, when the whole family reunited, the mother will take out this baby and let the whole family appreciate it. At this time, the mother's eyebrows are full of smiles.

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