How to correctly purchase, use and maintain leather shoes?

【 Benevolence - shoes and life】 a pair of good shoes, not only to take you comfortably go Quartet, but also a symbol of quality. The purchase of leather shoes has a lot of attention, Sichuan Provincial Consumer Protection Committee comprehensive inspection agencies, experts opinions, guide consumers to properly purchase, use and maintenance of leather shoes, special announcements to the consumer.

The key to purchase shoes is attentive

Consumers are advised to purchase leather shoes that are full of their product information, such as label logos, in the formal store or specialty store (for online shopping, they can go to physical stores before trying on them). When consumers buy leather shoes, they should pay attention to and obtain relevant documents.

Three aspects to pay attention to buying leather shoes:

â—† should pay attention to identify the authenticity of leather. Natural leather can be used to press the skin with a thumb and see if there is a fine striae pattern next to the thumb. Fine lines, fine lines disappeared after the release of the hand, leather shoes full of elasticity and grain fine and clear and fine as a better natural leather, a larger deeper wrinkles or painted the heavier than the cortical is poor Natural skin. If there are no fine lines, most of them are not natural leather, including two-layered masking leather.

â—† Pay special attention to the material of the shoe lining. The lining of the leather shoes is a reinforcing material used to prevent extension deformation and improve the feel of the foot. The shoe lining and the bottom of the shoe play an important role in water vapor permeability and water vapor absorption, and is a very important factor in the inner quality of a pair of leather shoes. . A pair of leather upper leather shoes no matter how good, if the use of impermeable leather shoes lining and rubbing bottom, its comfort and wear artificial leather shoes no difference. Because of the thick coating, patent leather has poor air permeability and water vapor permeability. It depends on the skin surface of lining skin and enamel sole and patent leather to absorb water vapor, and should pay attention to the choice of leather shoe lining.

â—† Look carefully at the shoe making process. Should pay attention to see if the suture is broken, the suture line is neatly regulated; to touch whether the insole is flat; whether the heel with soft and hard is appropriate; according to whether the waist is hard; to use your shoes to see if the sole and heel contact is Smooth; see if the height of the heel is the same; see if the height of the upper is consistent; look down from the top down to see the symmetry of the upper part and whether the outline of the shoe is deformed to the straight line between the toe and the midpoint of the heel For the axis of symmetry, see if the parts on the upper are symmetrical, and it is better to move the inner and outer parts symmetrically without moving forwards and backwards. The contours of the shoe's mouth should be folded toward the inside of the shoe, and the smooth and round ones should be good; the shoes that are distorted into lotus leaf shape should be inferior shoes.

The use of shoes to prevent distortion

Leather shoes should be used according to your own needs and your own situation. For example, shoes worn on rainy days can be coated with heavy-duty shoes. The shoes with better moldability are less likely to infiltrate with rainwater, and are not easily deformed after being wetted. The shoes that can be worn on sunny days can be selected to be coated with lighter full grain leather shoes, making full use of its advantages of better breathability, water vapor permeability and hygroscopicity. The lining and the bottom should be chosen to be unfinished leather. The breathability, water vapor permeability and water vapor absorption are better. When you wear shoes, you should loosen the shoelace and use the shoehorn. Many of the shoes' damage starts from the heel. Therefore, use shoes as much as possible to wear shoes. Do not squeeze when wearing shoes, shoes with laces should develop the habit of loosening the shoelace before wearing. The best way to wear leather shoes, do not wear a pair of leather shoes, so as to avoid excessive deformation of the shoes.

Leather shoes maintenance essentials

Ordinary leather, sheepskin shoes maintenance

â—† Clean the upper: First wipe the dust on the surface of the shoes with a cloth. If there is a large amount of dirt or mud, you can use a brush first, then wipe the upper with a little water.

â—† Shoe Polish: After the vamp is naturally dry, use a soft cloth or a small brush to rub a small amount of shoe polish on the upper (even if the ambassador's upper is damaged).

â—† playing brightness: rub on the shoe polish, after a few minutes, shoe oil gradually infiltrated into the leather, the use of old stockings or rags rub gently back and forth on the upper, you can keep the uppers smooth.

Suede shoes maintenance

Suede shoes, also known as anti-fur shoes, are comfortable, but they are easy to inhale dust, and when in contact with water will make hair down. The suede shoes can be cleaned with detergent, vinegar, and normal temperature water at a ratio of 2:1:50, and the surface of the leather shoes can be rinsed with liquid soap. When the surface of the shoe is basically washed, the surface of the shoe is washed with water once or twice, and dried in a cool and ventilated place until it is half dry. When the suede shoes are dry, brush the surface with a wire brush or a coarse sandpaper to make the hairs reappear. Brush it again with a brush.

Leather shoes products should be regularly cleaned and maintained

When buying leather shoes products, the merchants usually have booklets for leather shoe maintenance. Consumers should read them carefully and follow the instructions to maintain leather shoes. Under normal circumstances, leather shoes should be washed to avoid water, exposure or high temperature drying, so as not to cause aging, deformation, fading. Shoes that are not worn for a long time should be put into the shoe lasts or stuffed with paper balls. This will not only prevent the shoes from deforming but also keep the shoes dry. (This site - the most authoritative and most professional footwear information center. Cooperation Media: Shoewear Famous Brand Global Fashion Brand Network China Clothing Network )

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