Delicate water-soluble lace underwear highlights the unique style of women

Wonderful autumn and winter journey brought us into the bustling confused situation, like a blooming tulip in the darkness, psychedelic and seductive, hyun moving jumping lines demonstrate the unique style of women.


Figure: sisters flower underwear

The latest fine lace, so that the steel ring and the next invisibility to create a seamless wear effect, chiffon heart design, stylish noble, widen the lace under the grid more effectively lock the stomach fat, built-in soft glue to prevent the next roll curl and Shift, more firmly on the chest, to prevent sagging.

细腻水溶性蕾丝内衣 彰显女性独特风情

Figure: sisters flower underwear

Elegant high-quality cup water soluble fabric, stylish elegance, top technology, feel silky, higher bending more inclusive, large area to lock the flow of fat under the armpit, the fat forward to move the deputy milk transferred to the cup, Make the chest fold more rounded and more straightforward.

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