Five elements of enterprise network marketing help growth

[China Glass Network] According to a survey conducted by professional organizations, the progress of online marketing of some growth companies is not satisfactory. Because network marketing is a new type of marketing tool that is relatively recent, in the process of actual operation, enterprises will inevitably have many misunderstandings. As a result, it is counterproductive, which has caused some hopeful enterprises to be hit, even denying the importance of network marketing. . The structure of any thing is made up of a variety of factors, as well as corporate online marketing. Let's take a look at the five factors that affect the effectiveness of corporate online marketing.

First, choose the right time: doing the right thing at the right time is a must for a successful career. When you do anything, you must pay attention to the timing. Enterprises should also choose the right time to do online marketing. For example, a down jacket business advertises in the summer, almost white money. For example, doing Baidu search a few years ago and doing it now is definitely a far cry, because that is the usage rate of Baidu is much worse than now. Our suggestion is: generally choose to start network promotion one to two months before the sales season, and gradually increase the intensity as the sales season comes, it will achieve relatively good results.

Second, through effective ways: After choosing the right time, the next step is to consider how to release your own information. When choosing a path, you must consider which media is frequently accessed by the target users. Some network platforms, although very large in users, cannot bring effective conversions. The value of 100 non-target group clicks is not comparable to the value of a target group click. The purpose of corporate network promotion is to generate real economic benefits. Increase ROI. At present, the larger information platform in China is Alibaba and HC. When choosing a promotion route, we must first investigate the target customer base, and do not blindly do it.

Third, the website promotion strategy: After grasping the opportunity and determining the promotion path, we must consider the website promotion strategy. Now introduce a few strategies for website promotion. 1. Keyword ranking. Our recommendation is to discourage bidding on popular keywords because many growth companies don't have a lot of money backing, and the conversion rate of popular keywords is not necessarily high. Seriously analyzing the effective long tail keywords may have unexpected effects. 2. Exchange some quality links. High-quality friendship links in related industries will not only increase the weight of their own websites, but also bring effective target customers. However, if your website has just been built and the weight is not high, it is generally difficult to exchange quality links. This requires long-term accumulation of network resources, which is a process of accumulation.

Fourth, the speed of opening the website: Because it is a network promotion, the speed of the website here is very important. According to the survey, the average person waits for a website to open for 8 seconds. No matter how accurate the data is, but a person with good patience, It won't take 1 minute to wait for your website to open. Due to the existence of South China Telecom North Netcom in China, the speed of telecom servers visited by users in the South will be slower. Therefore, when selecting a server room, you should pay attention to the location of the target group to select the machine room with fast opening speed. If your customer is a national one, you can choose Telecom, Netcom dual IP server.

V. The quality of the marketing team and the competitiveness of the company: The ability of the marketing staff is a vital part of the network marketing. The people who do the marketing know that the customer buys a product, and the sales personnel account for more than 70%. No matter how good the product is, the sales staff can't grasp the product to buy the point, can't grasp the customer's psychology, and the chance of the transaction will be very low. Unless the customer knows and trusts your product very well, it is to buy with you. Therefore, arranging strong customer service and sales personnel to receive active consulting customers is an important guarantee to improve the transaction rate.

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