Fast Fashion Uniqlo Settled in Xintianze International Plaza

Following Jiangbei Beicheng Tianjie, Jiefangbei Riyueguang Plaza, Nanping Xingguang Times Square, Jiangbei New World Department Store and Yangjiaping Ocean Department Store, in order to speed up the process of international fashion commercialization in Western District, Uniqlo set up the first flagship store of UNIQLO Dadukou. Dadukou Pedestrian Street enters Xintianze International Plaza.

UNIQLO has now opened more than 1,000 stores in China (including Taiwan and Hong Kong), Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Russia, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand with the development of the brand's global business. The favor and support from consumers all over the world. As of the end of March 2012, the total number of stores in China (including Taiwan and Hong Kong) has also exceeded 170.

UNIQLO (UNIQLO) originates from Japan and is the core brand of fast-selling (FASTRETAILING) Group, which ranks among the top global apparel retailers. It insists on providing modern, simple, natural, high-quality and easy-to-make products to consumers around the world. The "Wild" concept that it advocates sweeping the international fashion world has been widely recognized by many loyal consumers.

Today, following Jiangbei Beicheng Tianjie, Jiefangbei Sunlight Plaza, Nanping Xingguang Times Square, Jiangbei New World Department Store and Yangjiaping Ocean Department Store, this time the UNIQLO’s first flagship store in Dadukou was settled in Dadukou Pedestrian Street. New Tianze International Plaza.

In order to speed up the process of international fashion commercialization in the Western District, UNIQLO (Uniquku) selected Dadukou Xintianze International Plaza to set up its first flagship store in the west area of ​​Chongqing's main city, and announced that the new Tianze International Plaza is determined to open the West's international fashion business era. A big step forward, the new Tianze International Plaza will work with more international and international well-known businesses to bring the international trend of the city's residents to the west of Chongqing.

UNIQLO (UNIQLO) entered the Chongqing market in 2009, bringing a sleek and simple new fashion to consumers in Chongqing. UNIQLO (Uniquku) clothing is clothing for you, me, and him that exceeds all differences between age, occupation, gender, and people. It is to let everyone in every corner of the world, according to their own style and freedom to match, comfortable and happy to wear every day. It is an innovative garment that changes lifestyle in a subtle manner while maintaining the minimalist design and the basic wild. Unlike any other brand in the world, UNIQLO (Uniquku) will insist that I think I do, and always convince people.

Through the selection of high-quality fabrics, simple and versatile styles and colorful colors, comfortable and concise clothing allows consumers to achieve self-style matching and show their unique self-charisma.

The new Tianze International Plaza is the first commercial real estate project invested by Chongqing Xintianze Industrial Holding Group. The project is located at the core of Dadukou Pedestrian Street, close to Dadukou’s most prosperous Plaza Mayor and the traditional bustling commercial section of Baqiao Street. It spans two major commercial districts, old and new, with a total construction area of ​​110,000 square meters. It is a fashionable family-type shopping mall integrating shopping, leisure, entertainment and catering, and it is also the first real shopping mall in Dadukou!

At present, there have been official signings of international famous merchants such as IMAX, H&M, Starbucks, Pizza Hut and others. The UNIQLO (Uniquku) officially signed up for the new Tianze International Plaza, which will accelerate the pace of opening up a new era in Chongqing's Western District. As the “Youth Home Fashion Shopping Mall” in Dadukou, Xintianze International Plaza will open internationally for Dadukou. Business age.

The two sides have the same philosophy for future operations and positioning, expanding the business district prosperity, commissioning the business district level, and providing better service to customers. UNIQLO (UNIQLO) has always been in the international trend of fashion design and rapid operation of the goods circulation cycle It is loved by friends of the general public.

It is reported that the UNIQLO (Uniquku) flagship store opened at Xintianze International Plaza has a business area of ​​approximately 1,500 feet, spanning two floors and fully containing women's, men's, children's wear, shoes, accessories and other categories. City flagship stores have been launched in tandem. It is expected that by October this year, the public can experience the fashion tour brought by UNIQLO (UNIQLO), let us pay attention to UNIQLO (UNIQLO) and pay attention to Xintianze International Plaza at Dadukou Pedestrian Street.

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