Yang Shibin: Accumulate fashion culture to enhance the added value of the show

In 2012, the 6th China International Knitting Expo will be held from October 22nd to 24th at Shanghai New International Expo Center. When the China International Knitting Expo (referred to as the Pinbo Fair) enters the second five years, what special significance will be given to hosting this session? What are the highlights of the show? What major changes will be made to the Pinbo Fair? On the eve of the exhibition, the reporter interviewed Yang Shibin, president of the China Knitting Industry Association.

Strengthening the integration and interaction of the whole industry chain “This year marks the second year of the Second Five-Year Plan, and it is also a key year for China's textile industry to implement the Outline for Building a Strong Country in Textiles. In this context, the 2012 China International Knitting Expo will be held. It will carry the important task of releasing industry information, fashion, trends and other latest information. At the same time, it will also push the Chinese knitting market to the highest point in the knitting industry in the world through such a platform.” Yang Shibin emphasized in an interview with reporters. The importance of this exhibition in the new historical period of transformation and upgrading of China's textile industry.

Yang Shibin said that compared with previous years, there will be major adjustments in this year's Pinbo Fair. The time of the event will be adjusted from the original August to October, which is in line with the autumn schedule. The scale of the exhibition will be doubled and the area of ​​the exhibition hall will also be doubled to 24,000 square meters. The exhibition will be with China International Textile Fabrics & Accessories (Autumn & Winter) Expo, China International Textile & Yarn (Autumn & Winter) Exhibition, China International Industrial Textiles and Non- The weaving cloth exhibition was held in the same place at the same time, so that the best quality buyer resources can be effectively shared. By then, the Shanghai New International Expo Center will open 17 galleries with a total exhibition area of ​​more than 200,000 square meters. Relevant data show that the number of Fairs exhibitors increased from 86 in 2007 to 206 in 2011, with an average annual increase of 27.9%. Professional visitors increased from 7,650 in 2007 to 13028 in 2011, with an average annual growth of 14.1. %. It is expected that more than 100,000 professional buyers from more than 100 countries and regions will attend the exhibition this year. The integration and interaction of upstream and downstream of the whole industry chain and the sharing of quality buyer resources will be the year of China International Knitting. The Expo brought about a qualitative improvement.

According to Yang Shibin, this year's pavilion layout will be more reasonable and the exhibits will be more clearly distributed. According to the product category, it will be divided into ordinary and seamless underwear, knitted sweaters, sports and casual wear, hosiery products, as well as the “Fashion Shanghai” theme area and international brand exhibition area. In order to improve the efficiency of purchasing and the connection between exhibitors and buyers, the professional, scale, and functional level of the exhibition will be enhanced. At the same time, the organizers of the 2012 Fair will increase the China Wool Textile Industry Association and the China Hemp Textile Industry Association. The joining of two authoritative trade associations will provide strong supplements and enhancements to the two major fields of wool knitting and hemp knitting. This will further diversify and scale the structure of exhibitors and exhibitors at this year's Expo.

In order to better create a platform to integrate information, fashion, and trends into one, Pinbo will be led by the China Textile Industry Promotion Association and the China Knitting Industry Association. The professional design team of the Beijing Institute of Fashion will be invited to invite influence at home and abroad. The brand enterprises of force and charisma jointly sponsored the static release of the autumn/winter knitwear fashion trends for 2013/2014 for exhibitors and buyers. The static fashion trend release will fully demonstrate the popular trends of colors, yarns, knitted fabrics and fashions for knitted garments during autumn/winter 2013/2014. It will be explained by providing corresponding colors, yarns, knitted fabrics, fabrics, style designs and ready-to-wear garments. The scene is presented in the form of professional trends report albums, fabrics and clothing. The launch event not only allows consumers to experience the development direction of knitted garments, but also points the direction for the next step in the development of Chinese knitted brand enterprises, and better guides and promotes the trend of Chinese knitted garments and the trend of the market.

Cultural Week to create a new platform for dynamic exhibition "The 2012 Fair will be held in the same period with the China International Underwear Cultural Week." Yang Shibin said that the first China International Underwear Cultural Week will contribute to the deep integration of the entire industry chain of the knitting industry. Chemical industry is the future development trend of the industry. Today, underwear is divided into three categories: large underwear, small underwear, and home wear. Changes in product support are continuously updated. There are many home clothing companies that are transformed from small underwear companies. There are also underwear companies that have switched to research and development in the field of home wear. Therefore, three The boundaries between the people have been difficult to define. The China International Underwear Cultural Week, which is being created for this time, will gather professional advantages and will combine the dynamic exhibition with the static exhibition to meet the actual needs of the company. This will allow the underwear display to be extended to the form of outerwear exhibition and dynamic catwalk. Therefore, in this year's Pinbo Fair, another important point worth paying attention to is the dynamic exhibition of the change of outerwear with underwear as the basic point, which fully demonstrates the functionality and new technology of underwear products, and creates business opportunities while condensing strength. However, Yang Shibin also frankly stated that in the preparation process of the first China International Underwear Cultural Week, the biggest deficiency at the moment is still “internationalization”. The high costs associated with the participation of foreign brands in dynamic display also mean the participation of international brands and designers. Difficult realities, this is also part of the current need to integrate strength to attack.

From the perspective of the knitting industry, the Needle Fair will truly understand the current situation of the Chinese knitting industry. This change in the current fair has reflected the orientation of product structure adjustment and industrial upgrading in China's textile industry. On the other hand, it also shows that the industrial chain is not only an important factor that determines the long-term development of an industry, but also a measure of an industry’s roots. The standard of sexuality.

Yang Shibin pointed out that from the January to April this year, the overall economic downturn is relatively obvious, mainly reflected in two aspects, one is that the overall external demand is relatively weak, and the second is the serious problem of domestic demand inventory. We must encourage enterprises to vigorously apply scientific and technological achievements, carry out product structural adjustments, increase production efficiency, and respond to rising costs. In terms of structural adjustment, we hope that companies can make full use of both domestic and foreign markets. In the future, the products produced by our factories may not necessarily be MADE IN CHINA, but may also be manufactured in other countries, but they are led by Chinese companies. This year, domestic companies should increase their investment and influence in the U.S. and Japanese markets in their focus on the external demand market. The biggest problems in the domestic market are: the lack of effective supply leads to overcrowding of domestic demand, and the slow pace of product adjustments and structural adjustments. At present, the inventory of domestic companies is constantly rising, while the sales volume of foreign companies is very good. Therefore, the focus of this year's Pinbo Fair on exhibition display is to demonstrate the application of scientific and technological achievements in the industry, followed by the display of brand connotation, quality on the one hand, and on the other hand, brands need to understand consumer demand and provide effective supply. To stimulate the market, in addition to the state's promulgation of a large number of policies, it is more important to call for the industry to adjust its product structure and increase effective supply. Under the requirements of such a specific development model and target, the audience will surely be able to feel more breakthroughs in the positioning and professionalization of the China International Knitting Fair in the precision market positioning and professionalization based on domestic sales.

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