Violet Interpretation of University Questions in the Carpet

Carpet is an indispensable decoration in home decoration in recent years. It not only adds personality and atmosphere to the home space, but also shows the main points of the owner's personality and preferences. There are so many carpets on the market today, the size of the carpet is different, the color is changeable, and the graphics are more dazzling. And a good quality carpet is expensive, after deducting the renovation fee, the purchase of furniture and electrical products budget, the remaining resources to buy a carpet is more limited, in this case, how to choose a suitable for your home The carpet? The home textile brand Violet is chosen for your heart.

Violet Interpretation of University Questions in the Carpet

First, the purchase of carpet should be based on the size of the home

1. Generally speaking, a sofa of no more than 2.7m is recommended to use a 1.7mX2.4m carpet; if it is a larger piece of furniture, a 2mX3m carpet is more than enough.

2, the size of the coffee table should also be included in the scope of consideration, to ensure that the carpet, sofa and coffee table maintain a standard proportion.

3. How large should the carpet in the dining room be? Perform a simple test to know that the chair of the table should be pulled away to the distance of the guest. The carpet should accommodate all the opened chairs.

4, you can also put the carpet in some small space, such as the front or side of the bed, you can use a relatively small (90cmx160cm) carpet 5, boldly try, the unusual carpet color helps create a different atmosphere.

Second, the purchase of carpet should be based on the color of the furniture

Comparing the color of the carpet to the furniture is one of the ways to highlight the furniture. Many people choose safer browns, flesh-colored, white and black when buying carpets. These colors have little chance of quarreling with most furniture. The carpet and furniture are “safe and sound” and create a sense of harmony. .

But if you are bold enough, it is a good idea to put a red, turquoise or gold-green carpet in the living room. An unusual carpet color helps to create a different atmosphere, and maybe it's a factor in making the topic.

Third, the purchase of carpets should be based on the theme of home decoration

1. Modern: It is recommended to choose black, white or a combination of the above two colors, which is more suitable for the modern and clean lines of the home. A carpet with a little brightness, not only has a 3D effect, but also brings a low-key luxury.

2, Modern (Contemporary): the modern theme of the home, according to the furniture and the layout of the room to choose the carpet. The theme of this theme is neat and clean, not easily outdated, and the requirements for the carpet are not so strict. It is recommended to choose a carpet based on the furniture and the layout of the room.

3, rustic rustic (Rustic): dark brown, gold, black is more suitable for this theme of furniture. If you are economically licensed, it is good to add a leather rug. The zebra leather rug can create a Safari style. The colors of brown, peach and earthy colors are quite suitable for creating a modern holiday style living room.

4, Resort style (Resort): brown, peach, earth color series is quite suitable for this theme, there are more and more people use long hair carpet to create a modern holiday style living room.

5, Hotel / Luxury (Hotel / Luxury): It is recommended to choose a thicker, mixed with wool and polyester carpet, can add a sense of luxury.

Fourth, when you buy a carpet, you should put the carpet on the ground.

Generally, when the carpet is hung up, it will look bigger and longer. Therefore, when purchasing a carpet, you must ask the service staff to place the carpet on the ground, which can help you determine the suitability of the carpet more accurately.

5. Personal health and sensitivity should also be considered when purchasing carpets.

When choosing a carpet, consider your personal lifestyle and health. For example, people with sensitive skin, respiratory ducts or nose (such as sinusitis patients) should stay away from wool carpets and avoid affecting personal health.

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