【Mini pencil new flower series】 a magic flower

One of the new mini-pencil series of flowers】 One day, the weather was fine, Nini on the way home, saw a beautiful flower on the roadside, was sunless. So she hurriedly covered his little parasol flowers head, and took out their own small kettle to water. Slowly, the flowers rekindled the luster of life. 【Mini pencil new flower series】 "Thank you! You are really a good boy!" In order to thank Nini, the flowers decided to become Nini's friend, to help her grow up fast. "I am a magical flower that will make you a better, gorgeous child." The girl put her flowers on the skirt and happily went home. 【Mini pencil new flower series】 The next morning, the flowers fall on the Nini cute T-shirt to accompany her to kindergarten, Nini happy to be bounced, the sun along the way. 【Mini Pencil New Flower Series】 Nini folded the first small papercraft in the handcraft class, praised by the teacher, but also got a big red flower. "Little flowers, you see, I'm the first!" The little girl happily said to the flower, "Great, you're awesome!" The little flowers are also very happy. 【Mini pencil new flower series】 In the PE class, flowers fall on the trousers of Nini Slim cotton sweatpants, Nini never love the sport suddenly has the power to run up. Nini found that the original can also be so vigorous and vibrant, full of vitality.

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