Fall 2014 eye-catching dress with red series of coats with surgery

Depression autumn and winter, or to choose beautiful eye-catching single product. A touch of red, gives the people a bold and enthusiastic. Twenties women should strive to be the focus of the street, so charming you become someone else's eyes. Here are two of us to introduce woolen gown, how to look better with it, learn together.


This British-style woolen jacket simple round neckline, outline the charming clavicle curve. Fair complexion in the clothes against the more delicate and charming. Double-breasted decoration, fungus lace embellishment, sweet eye-catching. Waist version of the model, slightly tilted clothing pendulum, very lovable. Pants with black feet, very feminine.

2014秋季惹眼装扮 红色系列呢子外套搭配术

Rose red, a low block can not stand the enthusiasm of people more spirit. Unique style, very sweet and graceful range of children. Irregular pleated design, a curved clothes pendulum, very elegant dresses. Waist style, with a black turtleneck sweater, it is a feminine.

The picture comes from: Beisi Ni women

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