Teach you to buy tempered glass for building doors and windows

Many people don't pay attention to the doors, windows and glass of residential buildings when they buy a house, just feel beautiful from the outside. Insiders pointed out that doors, windows and glass are not only the eyes of buildings, but also the key structure of building energy conservation. So, how to buy energy-saving glass doors and windows? We need to understand the following knowledge.

First, the bigger the form, the less energy-saving. The large area of ​​the form heat dissipation is glass, not the window frame. The glass accounts for 70% to 90% of the window area of ​​different types. The window types commonly used in buildings are generally sliding windows, casement windows and fixed windows.

The structure of the sliding window determines that it is not an ideal energy saving window. Structurally speaking, the casement window has a distinct advantage over the sliding window.

The window frame of the fixed window is embedded in the wall body, and the glass is directly attached to the window frame, and the four sides contacting the glass and the window frame are sealed with a sealant. Under normal conditions, there is good water tightness and air tightness, and it is difficult for air to form convection through the sealant, so convective heat loss is extremely small.

Second, high-tech glass brings energy-saving revolution . In addition to the doors and windows, there are also glass choices, the light transmittance of the glass material, the direct solar transmittance, the relative heat and the heat transfer coefficient, which have a great influence on the indoor thermal environment and the heating and air conditioning energy consumption. Therefore, the decoration is carried out. When purchasing, you should know the material, performance, and use of some energy-saving glass.

At present, several kinds of energy-saving tempered glass (a kind of safety glass processed by tempering furnace) are mainly coated glass, hollow glass and film-type heat reflecting glass. General building doors and windows account for more than 40% of building energy consumption. For example, coated glass mainly includes solar heat reflecting glass, low-radiation glass and multi-functional coated glass.

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