Bathroom slippers become the most fashionable men's shoes in spring and summer

On August 4th this site , the fashion trends will never seem to be decided by the people. However, sometimes, they also succumb to the will of the people. Those items that are widely spread among the people are occasionally. Will swagger into the fashion launch of the T-stage. This spring and summer 2015 men's wear week, home slippers replaced the bundled sandals, becoming the main sandals of the new season. This can not help but let a group of small partners exclaim, the original wearing slippers is not a product, not wrong, only blame themselves for not choosing big ah!


From left to right and from top to bottom:

Andrea Pompilio, No. 21, Moschino

Valentino, MSGM, Kris Van Assche

All 2015 spring and summer show floor models

In my opinion, this team of designers was able to read our previous article on “Sandals are the only criteria for testing whether a man is a pure man.” It is not appropriate to think that it is not appropriate for men to wear sandals to fasten a girl. All of them were good, and they brought home the necessary artifacts of the lords' home. They absolutely reshaped the images of the rough masters.

It is worth mentioning that the tide of children chasing the trend, you do not have to wait until next spring to enjoy this great welfare, from Jingdong Shangshouyisou, there are a variety of slippers with a lot of money to match the show field!

From left to right and from top to bottom:


Bottega Veneta Woven Slippers

Thom Browne Striped Slippers

Kris Van Assche flip flops

Havaianas Coral Slippers

Moschino Smiley Slippers

Tommy Hilfiger Blue Slippers (Collaborative Media: Shoes Picture COZY STEPS Women's Shoes)

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