Congratulations Jiangmen Miss Zhang joined Haijia ladies

Miss Zhang Jiangmen Jiangmen joined Haijia Shi , I hope more partners to join us!

Miss Zhang Jiangmen reached a preliminary exchange with the sea Jiashi through the network, and soon afterward, she went to visit the sea Jiashi headquarters! That day was just the day when Heijia Experience Hall was opened and the opening ceremony of ribbon-cutting was held. The flow of people makes Ms. Zhang full of confidence in Heijia's brand.


Miss Zhang said: Also vaguely remember when searching on the network, " Women joined ", Haijia Shi company website among the best, get through to join the phone, the customer service staff for my passion to answer questions and details the details of joining. One of the most touched my heart is: the implementation of the replacement system, the return system, can slow sales of goods returned to cash, which greatly reduced the pressure on stocks I have been very worried about.

In fact, Miss Zhang joined Haijia Shi has been operating before another brand of clothing, as the previous operating conditions are not ideal, so I wanted to join the other brands to save the situation. The day saw Haijia Shi so popular sales scene, Miss Zhang deeply feel the advantages of Haijia Shi brand and the maturity of the company terminal management. At the moment to join Haijia Shi increasingly strong idea.

After the inspection, Miss Zhang did not hesitate to join the sea Jia Shi this big family, quickly completed the store decoration and a sample. Now, customers like, sales performance is not bad, hope to have more partners to join us, and Haijia Shi together to make our life even more beautiful!

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