South red agate rough

The red agate stone is very rare and is a non-renewable variety of precious stones. The allusions are rare, and the price of agate is more expensive. The high quality agate is more valuable!

The original red agate stone is very beautiful under the light

The shape of the original red agate stone is various, with a multifaceted diamond shape, a round shape, a slice shape, a pumpkin shape and an olive shape.

The color of the original red agate stone is generally red, and there are a few colors such as purple, pink, and persimmon yellow.

Big red agate rough

How to distinguish the quality of the original red agate stone?

1. Texture: The quality of the texture is an important indicator for assessing Nanhong. A good piece of south red looks very comfortable and soft, giving a sense of moisture. Touching by hand, you can feel the texture is very smooth, facing the light, you can feel the color is colored, but it is very transparent, and the color of the fake South Red Agate is almost red, the texture is somewhat murky.

2. Weathered grain: The south red agate stone is naturally formed, and the surface of the agate will have weathering lines left by time. These weathered lines are half moon shaped. The fake South Red Agate has no weathering lines, only cracks that are burned by high temperatures.

Persimmon red agate rough

3. Fault level: Artificially made South Red Agate rough stone layer will have some white powder more or less; while natural rough stone has no white powder.

4. Color: Common persimmon red, cherry red, rose red, violet, brocade, chicken blood red, dark red, etc. No matter what red, first look at the water head, water head foot, no cracking, pure color, no impurities, no sand core, glue The texture is heavy, and in general it can be the top red agate.

Chicken blood red agate rough

    Want to know more about the original red agate stone, please click on the jade encyclopedia!

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