Seven-color flower based on the needs of consumers

She comes from Liaoning and has the boldness and rejuvenation of northeastern people in her voice. Her fourteen years of overseas business experience have given her a keen sense of touch and confidence. Her name is Sha Hong Road, people who know her like to call her Sand Sister, returned to China in 2004, officially began her career in 2005. In 2012, she had forty dozen color flowers in her proxy area. Her choices and her years of business experience can not help but make us curious. Today, let her use hearty voice, sincere and full of wisdom in language, tell us the story between her and the color flower. Seven-color flower, love-like attraction Sister Sha went abroad after graduating from college, abroad, she operates high-end market, profitable. At the same time, the face of high-end customers all sorts of picky also made her feel increasingly boring. In 2004, she chose to go back to China. At that time, she did not have many clear goals. She just wanted to write down many years of experience and publish it in books. At this moment, she met the colored flowers and encountered the opportunity to push her career to another peak. Here, Sister Sha laughed, Sha family is doing business throughout the family, when there is a face-to-face in their own stores have a color flower, small shops flow of people, crowded, out of curiosity, Sister Sha into the store to understand A look, do not see do not know, look surprised! Into the store, she was surprised to find ten bucks can buy a lot of things, then nail polish was a bottle of eighty, a small package price of not more than ten yuan . Trendy personality of the goods, but not beyond the reach of the price, unlike high-end market, high, seven-color flowers for the public, has the most extensive market, and this market is located in the early stages of development, such as newborn baby full of vitality, has a huge Expansion capacity. This made Sha Sister had a strong interest, after many inquiries and understand that this small store daily turnover of actually more than 8,000 yuan, which at the time of the North is a considerable figure, that is, this time her Do not hesitate to decide to join the color flower. Joined the seven-color flower stone into gold At that time, the popularity of color flowers beyond the Sister Sang surprise, "joined a lot of people, must make an appointment, are in line." This hot scenes more determined Sister Sha's determination, she will own The first seven-color flower shop opened in a mall in Shenyang. Opened that day, only 25 square meters of shops crowded, even outside the aisle are crowded with beautiful girls, the opening day on the turnover of more than 10,000, creating a miracle throughout the mall. In order to meet the demand, a large number of Sha Sister purchase of goods to the headquarters, the location of the hidden, has not been optimistic about the shops, was actually operating Sister Sha very happy. In the past seven years, the successful sister of Sister Sha is still still creating profits. Sister Sha sighed, "How high returns, and only those who enter this industry will know." Starting from the 25 square store, Sister Sha began the expansion of her career map of the road, the second seven-color flower, the third, the fourth ...... mature mode of operation, the company's strong support for Sister Sha Seven-color flowers open a fire today sitting on our across the sand sister not only run their own franchise stores, has also become the general agent in Liaoning Province, under the command of more than 40 franchise stores have excellent performance. It all started with the tiny 25 square meters that year. Seven-color flowers have always been imitation has never been better than the things that will always be imitated, in recent years appeared a lot of seemingly similar with the same color flower shops, Sister Sha asked whether there are any concerns, she told with confidence We, "We must sell is the best, because we store a good atmosphere, the product display is good, the spokesman is the most charismatic star, and our return on investment is high." Speaking of her agency in Liaoning Province, She is even more confident, not worried about the color of the market position was shook. For different competitors, Sha Sister that color flowers have their own advantages, more like a seven-color flower fashion supermarket, it is not only the price advantage, it is more to the public to promote the trend and personality. And some professional stereotypes of daily necessities supermarkets, or to low-cost low-quality mainly due to the jewelry shop is not the same, the advantage of the color flower placed in there, but the atmosphere is more lively, more pro-people, people feel comfortable and free. Improve the category also let sepia flowers occupied the needs of different consumer groups, which makes seven-color flowers in the competition, unique, stand out. Without fear of crisis, steadily moving forward in the downturn throughout the interview process, Sister Sha makes people feel funny, open-minded. In the eyes of other people, the downturn in retail sales in 2012 seems to be a good time for integrated management for Sister Sisha. She said: At this time, it should gradually shift from horizontal expansion to vertical development, make details well-done and do solid management. Do a good job, bring the team well, and seek development in the face of adversity. Conclusion: A successful woman must have farsightedness and understanding of the market situation. After her return to the United States, her new career has been completely revamped in her original correct choice. Seven-color flowers, from a private enterprise into a modern enterprise, franchisee also together with the development and growth of its strong cash flow, excellent product chain, professional management and service, but also the majority of franchisee has been determined to follow the confidence of the color flower source.

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