"Time travel" Caesar KAISER2013 spring and summer new conference, so stay tuned

"Time Travel" Caesar KAISER2013 spring and summer new conference, so stay tuned whether it is "the beautiful legend of Sicily" Monica Bellucci, or "Roman Holiday" Audrey Hepburn, or The famous sexy goddess Marilyn Monroe ... ... Today in this pile of gold silver flashy era, people in the old times the proportion of people become more and more true and elegant more valuable. September 7, Kaiser KAISER will be held in Guangzhou Grand Theater on a theme of "time travel" spring and summer 2013 new conference, when the famous film star Xu Qing and Wu Xiu-Bo will be dressed to attend, together to bring a spectator A romantic, elegant tour of the 1950s. Star starring: the elegant luxury of the 50s on September 7, Kaiser KAISER will work together with famous Italian and French fashion designer, carefully to create a to the United States in the 1950s as the background, the "time travel" as the theme of the spring of 2013 Amoi new conference and cocktail reception, to pay tribute to the beautiful 50's. In this conference, through the encounter of a couple of century-old couples, with a unique perspective to interpret the meaning of travel - life is like a journey, we continue to look for good things on the road, or even lost in one In a short moment But in the moment of encounter with love, but suddenly realized, what is the meaning of travel. Models walk on the unique combination of vintage and modern T-Taiwan, will lead the guests to embark on a wonderful journey of time together to remind the golden memories belonging to that era. In addition, the famous French designer Caesar KAISER image spokesman Xu Qing, Wu Xiubo tailor-made delicate gorgeous costumes, flashing spotlight, the two will be affectionate interpretation, interpretation of Caesars's exclusive noble and elegant, let People highly anticipated. On the same day, Caesar will also hold a unique 1950s cocktail party, in the melodious retro music, a cocktail, as the embodiment of the 50s ladies and gentlemen, indulge in the colorful twinkling twinkling shadow, relax and enjoy A journey of the last century. Details of the show: The 50's era of elegance The new spring and summer 2013, by Kaiser KAISER brand and Italy and France famous fashion designer to complete. In the September 7 conference, you will find many of the 50's retro elements appear in the clothing details, with those fun retro printing and the perfect mix and match colors, fusion Caesar clothing has always adhered to the classic, so Caesar 2013 spring and summer clothing presents a different freshness. Caesar's quality will never be disappointing, the upcoming spring and summer of 2013 naturally no exception. In the selection of materials, Caesar addition to the consistent use of imported high-grade fabrics, the French designer by the unique design of the fabric has also been a wide range of applications to a new deployment of color patterns for the apparel into a New vitality; a slight metallic luster of the fabric and the arc-shaped cut clever use of the last century 50's unique style and sexy show most vividly; geometry and color splicing, Art Deco style ripple and tribal style Totem to create a leisure atmosphere of spring and summer vacation. Monica Bellucci, The Beautiful Legends of Sicily, is romance and elegance. Audrey Hepburn in the Roman Holiday is a noble and witty, sensual sexy goddess Marilyn Monroe is sexually sexy. The 2013 new conference, Caesar will pass a couple of century husband and wife travel time, interpretation of the audience for the guests that the United States of the 50's elegant, simple and honest style. More beautiful, more surprises, so stay tuned September 7 Caesar 2013 spring and summer new conference!

Product name Hotel Slipper,
Material/ filling terry towel, coral fleece, velour, waffle fabric, netting fabric, non-woven fabric and so on,
Color/printing red,green,blue,grey,white and other color,customized.
Logo off-set imprinted,embroidery,hot trans-printing and as your request.
Use in hotel and bedroom.
style open toe and closed toe,women and men.
Sample Charge Free freight collection.
Sample Time After confirmed all the details, the sample is 5-7days
Packing Details 1pcs/opp bag,100pcs/ctns
Delivery Details 25-30 days
Payment Item  TT,L/C
Loading Port  Ningbo and Shanghai

Hotel Slipper

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