Italy famous casual wear brand GULAO & SHAYU debut in 2012 Guangzhou International Fashion Festival

Italy famous casual wear brand GULAO & SHAYU (ancient shark) shiny debut 2012 Guangzhou International Garment Festival! GULAO & SHAYU is a new concept of clothing to guide the trend of consumer guide, interpretation of colorful wonderful life. GULOAO & SHAYU (ancient shark) was born in a town in Milan, Italy in 1801 and was formerly the name of a major sportswear trading company, named after the village's totem of faith. Separated from the apparel industry in 1837 to form an independent industry, GUOLAO & SHAYU (ancient sharks) became synonymous with sports and leisure wear, from merchants, officers and school students who continue to present GUOLAO & SHAYU as a symbol of casual wear. Personality to create charm, the ultimate winner of the diversity - the peak of fashion, in the ever-changing wave of popular, unique thinking unique unique to win the market to meet the individual needs of consumers pursuing innovation, the market is constantly changing, people Aesthetic concept is gradually improved, GULAO & SHAYU with a new concept of clothing guide the trend of consumer guide, interpretation of colorful wonderful life. GULAO & SHAYU brand pursuit of fashion and art, leisure and sports the perfect combination of each one is derived from the inspiration for the products of the crafted Need for the best. "Wearing in sync with the world," we will be European and American fashion style integration in China's fashion culture, followed by the international fashion trends, both rich European taste, focusing on the overall mix of colors, the local performance of delicate, highly sexual and popular series , With simple, elegant, fashion, sports design style, carefully built show in the outside, Hui in the United States, the United States in the shape of the successful men's personality free and easy charm image. GULOAO & SHAYU (ancient shark) is the world's leading sports and leisure brand, located in the most important cities of the world: Milan, New York, Rome, Paris, Moscow, Berlin, Florida, Florence, Venice ... and in the world Resorts: Bali Island, Maldives ... ... with stores.

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