New rich group of women gathered many well-known women's fashion feast

Fuqun Electronic Commerce is located in Humen, a well-known garment city in China. There are many excellent apparel brand resources in the region. However, due to the lack of an integrated marketing concept, resources in the market are currently distributed unevenly. In the fierce market competition, most of the resources are monopolized by the brand strength of the financial strength, small and medium-sized clothing brand enterprises have very limited resources available. The final result is a serious hindrance to the development of the entire industry. Fuqun e-commerce in order to promote the development of Humen apparel industry, the Humen clothing to the country and even the world's grand goal, the use of professional and advanced integrated marketing concept for many outstanding Humen clothing brand to build a professional resource integration platform , And use the company's professional talent for the entire platform for the cooperative merchants to develop a broader sales channels.


Development Summary:

We will develop Humen as well as the Chinese market with the successful marketing ideas of international brands. We plan to start selecting 300 new Fuqunqun Women's Franchise stores within three years.

新富群女装 汇聚众多知名女装打造时装盛宴

New rich group brand connotation:

The country's leading fashion make new rich group. The new Fuqun women originated from rich group e-commerce "convergence Humen clothing brand sales focus" business philosophy. The new rich group of women brought together a number of well-known domestic outstanding women's brand, the brand unified management, investment, making each brand's resources are complementary to further enhance the brand's market competitiveness. At the same time rich group e-commerce scientific management and advanced market concept of operation, so that the new rich group of women better brand partners and franchisees to provide quality and satisfactory service.

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