How to find potential customers? Find a more effective way to summarize customers

[China Glass Network] Description: Finding customers is an important part of the salesman's work, and it is also a very difficult part. Therefore, if you want to do a good job of sales, you must master certain customer skills. Here are a few tips for finding a customer, maybe that's exactly what you want!

Do you have relatives and friends? These are your social relationships!

Will you find the source of supply? How to find a customer how to find a source!

There are many ways to find customers, but in summary there are only four words: "advertising" and "relationship". "Advertising" is the premise of finding customers, "relationship" is the basis for getting customers, and "service" is the key to consolidating customers and expanding the market. Here is the first method of "advertising":

First, the forward advertising method

That is to find customers in the delivery, use letters, newspapers, television, books and other media in the production enterprises, and the location of the company to advertise, that is, forward advertising, usually at the beginning of the year, the beginning of the month, the beginning of the week is yellow (more exciting In the Golden Time of the World Factory Network Channel, the cross-use of letter advertisements and newspaper advertisements can complement each other. The target of the letter advertisement has clear potential effects and lacks penetration. For those newly-started companies, where the company is difficult to radiate, newspaper advertisements are just the opposite. If the letter can't be reached, the newspaper can see it, and the customer just sees your advertisement when it is needed, so the business is easier to talk about, the newspaper The circulation and radiation surface are not much larger than the letter, but the shortcomings of the newspaper are that they are easy to be outdated, easily thrown away, and forgotten.

Second, the reverse advertising method

That is, looking for customers in the receiving party, using advertisements and newspapers and other media to place advertisements in the location of the demanding company company is reverse advertising (reversely looking for customers). The advantage of reverse advertising is that the demand side market is far away, there are fewer advertising competitors, and it is easy to be impressed by customers, and it will produce benefits when needed.

There is another advantage that reverse advertising can't be replaced by other companies. It is easy for the private company to advertise and make calls to the location of the private line. It is easy to use the hometown and the nostalgia to impress the customers and talk about the business. The customer found by the reverse advertisement has the advantage that it does not need to be paid. Shipping costs are generally cash on delivery. Why not save money and save trouble?

Third, the targeted advertising method

That is to say, there is a target to select advertising objects, and in terms of industry, generally choose heavy goods, large-scale goods, such as steel, building materials manufacturing enterprises. The industries such as machinery, machine manufacturing, and chemical manufacturing have large shipments, and the safety factor is high. The goods cannot be sold, cannot fly, are not easily deformed or damaged, and are not easily exposed to rain. In another case, it is known that a company sends more advertisements to a certain place (more exciting in the world factory network school channel), and it will continue to advertise on the basis of price and service in a timely manner. Have a return. How to find a customer is how to find a customer. There are many ways to find customers, but in summary there are only four words: "advertising" and "relationship".

"Advertising" is the premise of finding customers, "relationship" is the basis for getting customers, and "service" is the key to consolidating customers and expanding the market. Here is the first method of "advertising":

Fourth, the radiation advertising law
Generally refers to advertisements that are used in books, newspapers, and other media. This type of advertising has a wide range of radiation and long timeliness, but it is costly and confusing. It is difficult to achieve outstanding results and attract customers' attention, which affects the effectiveness of advertising.

Five, fax advertising law

That is, the company's information (such as licenses, certificates, price lists) is purposefully transmitted to the company or company. First pass the text, then call and talk, if you are interested, visit the door. The chances of such a business being negotiated are high. The advantage of the fax advertising method is that the method of selection is more flexible, easy to operate, low in cost, and cheaper than letters.

Six, stealing beam and column method

That is, the driver provides the customer's phone number, and the driver's name is contacted with the customer. After doing a business, you must disclose your identity. Later, let the customer admit that you accept you, so that the original driver's customer becomes your customer.

Seven, climbing the family to find the law

That is to say, the relationship method mentioned above, find friends, folks, classmates, comrades-in-arms to introduce relationships, or visit the door, and use the ceremony or telephone to communicate. In short, customers who come through relationships must pay attention to a "love" word, attach importance to human etiquette, and establish friendship is very important.

Eight, by light lighting method
That is to use the press conferences held by others, investment associations, fundraising meetings and the media to do a good job, by name, by others to light up their own and expand their popularity so that they do not cost money and play an advertising role, it may produce reality Or potential benefits to get customers.

Nine, dark crossing Chen Cangfa
That is to say, the "Wen Xiu Road, dark crossing Chen Cang" on the military book, on the table to talk about business, talk about work, talk about business, behind the door to visit the ceremony. This method is more sophisticated, but it is ideal for those who are in the world, especially those of public companies and enterprises.

Ten, borrow chicken eggs method

That is to use the old customers to introduce the relationship between peers or sources of supply, so that one from two to two, four to four, like a peanut, pull a string, this method is more appropriate, more effective.

XI. Horizontal contact law

That is, continuous advertising or posting of cargo media advertisements with peers. Contact by phone or come to the door to discuss, this method is to talk about the experience of the special line, but also the only way to do the special line, and constantly expand the visibility and credibility between the peers, there is no business to do, this method is also borrowed The power of others becomes their own strength. It is a shortcut to finding goods. It is also the method of learning for beginners. The only way to go is to become a classic.

Twelve, far-reaching near attack method
That is, long distance and peer contact, close distance, directly into the company. When any freight company has difficulty in using a car, if you are close to the parking lot and familiar with the car source, then you will be able to do it for others (more exciting in the world factory network school channel) company can not do, not good Business. Close-to-face talk about business, if you give people a steady, cool, and professional good impression, then you have half the success. Because others are giving you the goods, you must judge that this is not reliable. Who is willing to do business with those who are full of words, frivolous, and slick?

Thirteen, strengthen customer law

1, the price is low, the service is better, the speed is faster, and it can guarantee safety.

2, must be people-oriented, strengthen the emotional communication with the parties, not only pay attention to the human condition, but also give benefits, courtesy to see people, interests are fundamental, the two take into account, complement each other, only so customers can get (more exciting in the world factory Net Academy Channel) will not be lost if it is stable. Both human condition and service are important and cannot be biased. Without affirmation at work, there is no premise and basis for human feelings. Lack of human feelings and interests, it is contrary to the secular and trend, others have ridiculed you "do not understand the world"? Work and human feelings are like two legs of a person, two wheels of a car, one can not make a line, can not move forward.

The method is always simple to say, and it is difficult to implement. But smart, you must know that a lot of skills are implemented together in the process of finding potential customers? I believe you know how to find potential customers! Success is only for those who are prepared!


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