Lin 芊 crush 2015 autumn new clothes: to the child is not ordinary gentle

A beautiful clothes, a period of time, smiling and safe. A good piece of clothing starts with a moving fabric, and a patient craftsman. Instead of a sudden popularity, so beautiful live in the passage of time right ... ... White gives endless reverie, coupled with comfortable purple clean water like a king. Intention to sentiment and experience the breeze and the air around, to maintain their most beautiful and free, simple, natural, fresh and simple. Simply express love, throw away boring, return to nature, return to the world's first impression. Hope each encounter with you, can be eternal! Willing to give you the warmest companionship! Unique cotton texture, feel warm to wear on the body. Straight-shaped jacket slightly rolled up the overall level of the sleeves opened the visual hierarchy, feeling more crisp. Dark gray pants as simple as the old hand-sewn mother in general, full of warmth. The world is a book, you do not travel, you can only see the first page, and I know you will be waiting for me in the distance. Gray makes people feel quiet, but the heart is very rich, the texture of natural fabrics like Mu Yu after the rock, full of natural rustic strength. Needlework is not too much left on the fabric traces, then leave time to record.


Aventurine Gemstone meaning

You should never buy a lottery ticket without an aventurine in your left pocket. Lady Luck will be in your left pocket. This is the stone of opportunity. Aventurine is known as the stone of chance or luck. If you gamble or play the lotto, keep this stone in your left pocket.

Aventurine is mainly quartz, a quartzite, usually containing mica. It occurs in several colors including green, red and blue.
Green Aventurine is the stone of luck and chance. It is said to increase perception and creative insight. It is a heart chakra stone.
Blue Aventurine is an Aries stone that opens the Third eye chakra. It is a powerful mental healer that increases vitality and a positive outlook. This stone assists in self-discipline and developing inner strength.
Yellow Aventurine opens the Third eye chakra. It is often used to balance emotions and male/female energies.
Red Aventurine opens the Root chakra. It can assist in creativity, and help you to see the possibilities in new opportunities.
Healing properties of Aventurine
It is used to aid nearsightedness. Aventurine has a stabilizing effect on the emotions. It is excellent for teena

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