Girls summer home wear what style look good? Karen Fort comes for you to recommend

The arrival of hot summer, the hotter the weather, do not go to work when the sister paper are not very willing to go out to the sun, right? That as a fashion trend, even if it is leisure at home, we have beautiful fashion! So Xiaobian today brought you several stylish and comfortable summer home service, the girls must look at Oh!


Most people in the summer will be air-conditioned at home, so even if wearing a home wear long-sleeved shirt does not matter, this shirt-style home service stylish and generous and sweet ladies, loose version of the breathable and comfortable, Design is also added a bit sexy temptation style, home service can feminine!

女生夏天家居服穿什么款式好看? 凯伦堡来为你推荐

Of course, if you are more afraid of heat, or choose a sleeveless dress now! For example, this is a good picture on the map, the color stripe printing head steal the spotlight and full of vitality, loose version of the cover is thin and cool breathable, summer wear more comfortable, dazzling colors wearing summer fun and wonderful, this Home wear even wear clothing is not an excuse it! (Figure source: Karen Fort underwear )

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