Zhuo Victoria laugh to see the problem in Guangzhou Children's clothing enterprises formaldehyde exceeded

Zhuowei Le children's clothing is committed to creating high-quality, high-quality, high credibility of the three high standards, all to consumers, franchisees for the benefit, refuse to take advantage of false holidays, cut corners, never do hurt the behavior of consumers and franchisees. As far as we know, some time ago, Guangzhou Quality Supervision Bureau for sampling of children's and infant clothing product quality, found many unqualified business! Really sad! For details, please see the following report: Join Zhuowei Le children's clothing, one hundred percent trustworthy! Reduce the risk, to win high profits! Follow the WeChat hksogni, reply "activities" to participate in the Father's Day to enjoy the win-win parent-child activities, clever you, what are you waiting for!

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