KIR Men 2015 elite to expand the first phase of training successfully concluded

"Forge ahead in unity beyond the self-cohesion to create brilliant", KIR Men 2015 elite to expand the first phase of training on June 4 successfully concluded. The special training for two days and one night, trainees from some store managers. Giant ladder training project, Myanmar Bridge, inspiring, walking clogs, crossing the Jinsha River. Each project focused on different, such as the Giant ladder, requiring a group of three, fast and efficient climbing to 8-meter high. Each team team members stamina with a combination of team play, play team spirit and seek ways to solve the problem. Although this item ended up overtaking the entire team challenge failed. But KIR will not be easily defeated. Everyone was holding back their strength. In the Burma Bridge, which was also a high-altitude project, all the members won. The whole training is not afraid of a player tired, everyone in the best interests of the team, coexistence with the team honor! This training allows employees to change from the heart, keeping in mind the sense of responsibility and cohesion necessary for the team to rise and fall, while enhancing personal resilience, control and decision-making ability; self-understanding, self-challenge, overcome psychological fear, exercise courage and courage and enhance Self-confidence, inspire potential; not afraid of failure, the courage to try pioneering spirit; with a grateful mentality to empathy, believe the team, forging KIR spirit of the high-performance team, for the cause of KIR hard!

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