Extraordinary news: Warmly celebrate BUDI design BodyStyle Yunnan Pu'er King Valley store grand opening on June 7

Yunnan is a desirable place to enjoy endless blue sky and white clouds. Of course there are beautiful things happening in such a wonderful place. What kind of good thing is there? Xiao Bian to tell everyone! Warmly celebrate BUDDY Design BodyStyle Yunnan Pu'er King Valley store June 7 grand opening ... ... Congratulations on the business is booming, extra cash!

布迪设计 - BodyStyle

The dignified and romantic purple arches and scented baskets all fill the festive atmosphere of the newly opened shop. Breeze blowing red ribbon, that the official opening of the new store. On the ground covered with big red carpet, to greet each customer into the store.



The shop decorated with purple balloons, creating a more romantic and comfortable shopping environment. The use of transparent glass door, a clearer view of the store a variety of models and models show sexy underwear . So sexy and romantic style, not into the store to buy something.


Budi design underwear, into the current popular elements clever combination of rich colors to create beautiful and sexy underwear, more styles have your "visit the scene." Store Address: Pu Long Valley White Dragon Walking Street. Welcome to patronize friends. Budi design continues to exert force, the national territory continues to expand ......

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