MISSTHEA September reviews the opening of five new store to share the joy of feeling

With the changing nature of the seasons throughout the year, the hot summer is blown away by the cool autumn wind, ushered in the people relaxed and happy, people singing and dancing in September. Spring is hope, summer is hard, autumn is harvest. Our MISSTHEA team in spring and summer hard work, in exchange for the autumn now the new listing of goods. Not only brings new business opportunities to old customers. And the design of the new style, beautiful color more won the favor of many new customers. Review September, look at the grand opening of new stores around:
September 4, Henan Nanyang agency flag shop:


MISSTHEA 9月回顾  五家新店开业共享喜悦心情

September 25 Guangxi Dongxing Jiangping shop:

MISSTHEA 9月回顾  五家新店开业共享喜悦心情 MISSTHEA 9月回顾  五家新店开业共享喜悦心情

Just 30 days time, MISSTEHA shop around the amount of 5.

Harvest in September, the joy of the mood. MISSTHEA all staff wish you all new and old customers: business is booming! ! !

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