Wear proper shoes away from foot odors

[This site - shoes and life] talking about foot odor, it seems that men are more, but in fact women are more likely to have foot odor. When going to her boyfriend's home to change shoes, the foot odor smoked people and often destroyed the atmosphere. It will also undermine the impression of her boyfriend in the heart, and even the opportunity to get love is not easy to get away from the palm of your hand. The Japanese peachy fashion website published an article on August 29, which introduced five ways to prevent foot odor to female friends.


1, wear comfortable shoes

Is it proper to wear shoes on your feet? For cuteness, even if it is a little tight, it is also one of the causes of foot odor.

If the shoes are not fit, it will increase the burden on the feet and the feet will sweat easily. Usually sweat is odorless, but the sweat that is excreted due to pressure on the foot and mental pressure is the culprit of foot odor. Fashion is important, but it's also important to wear shoes that suit you.

2, have at least 3 pairs of shoes

If you wear the same pair of shoes every day, there is no time to dry your shoes. Shoes will produce a lot of germs. If you can, it is best to wear a pair of shoes for two days.

So at least three pairs of shoes are needed for changing. It may be difficult to find so many shoes that you like, but in order not to get stench on your shoes or to prepare more pairs of shoes that you usually wear.

3, pay attention to foot washing method

It is a matter of course to wash your feet every day. However, the foot washing method should be noted that it is best to use a solid soap with a strong bactericidal component.

There is a lot of dirt between your ankles and your toes. Be sure to rinse off. Do not forget to clean your feet after washing.

4, to maintain a good foot breathability

Stockings are very rare and will make shoes hot and humid. Try to choose socks that absorb sweat.

Recommend that you choose cotton, linen, artificial fibers and other materials. People who have been paying less attention to the material of socks must pay more attention to it later.

5, keep the shoe cabinet dry

In the problem of foot odor, it is easy to overlook the shoe. Although the odor is caused by the bacteria that grow in the shoes, how to keep the feet clean is meaningless if the shoes are not dry.

Place waste newspapers in the shoe and put on charcoal. Can keep the shoe cabinet dry.

How is it? For those who care about their own stinky feet, find out the reason, and prescribe the right medicine. Women wear long boots in the winter, not only in the hot summer, but also face the problem of foot odor throughout the year. In order not to let men disillusion themselves with foot odors, it is still practical to practice. (Cooperative Media: Shoe-like pictures Lomanche shoes)

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