Can we wear a dress in early September or early October? September dress for what kind of dress?

Into the second half of September, the weather is really cool down, then this time you can wear a dress? of course! As long as we put the summer short-sleeved dress can be replaced by long-sleeved it! Xiaobian that we have brought several long-sleeved dress for everyone, when the end of September early October when wearing just right Oh!


Classic Check forever, and its faint retro taste also adds a few miles to this dress unique style, lace lace embellishment adds a bit of elegant sweet flavor, with the same feminine full of small brown shoes Wearing together, filling the sweet femininity.

九月底十月初还可以穿连衣裙吗?  九月份适合穿什么样的连衣裙?

The weather in early September and early October at the beginning of October brought a slight coolness, but it was not too cold. The dresses such as this sister paper were the most appropriate, with bright yellow eyes and steal locks. The sleeves on the lotus leaf Can easily help us cover the flesh, let us look more slender slim, with white stockings to wear together, the overall look ladies taste full. (Photo Source: Li Ya Lisa Women )

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