What are the characteristics of Tibetan silver jewelry?

To understand Tibetan jewelry culture, we have to first understand Tibetan silver ornaments. The silver content of Tibetan silver is relatively low. Before the liberation, Tibet was poor and backward, and silver was rare. In order to avoid alkaline corrosion, silver is added to other metals, and it takes a long time to become a process.


The work of sterling silver jewelry is indeed more refined than the silver jewelry, and the stones are mostly real turquoise, red coral, etc. The quality of the stone is better, and its brightness is stronger than that of Tibetan silver. Compared with Tibetan silver, Underneath, it is more primitive and primitive. The sterling silver jewelry is of course much more expensive than Tibetan silver.

Bracelet and tri-color copper ring are one of the favorite accessories of Tibetan compatriots. The so-called three-color copper is made of three different colors of copper, brass, and copper.

The common sun and moon type of accessories is also called "Luo Lier", which symbolizes the sun and the moon. The silver jewelry symbolizing the sun is 9 cm in diameter, and the length of the silver symbolizing the crescent is 11 cm. When worn, hang on the left side of women's clothes. The anchor-like ornament is called "Xiao Sang" (Tibetan called "School"), which was originally used by women for milking, and later became a pure jewelry. There is also a peach-shaped silver jewelry called "珞松", worn on the waist, the ornamentation on it is complicated, the inlaid coral beads, the lower part is the weird animal face pattern, the whole piece of jewelry, the thick and colorful, gorgeous and simple . Tibetan women love to wear a necklace of coral beads, which complements the turquoise and complement each other. The silver box under it is called "呷乌", which is a treasure box for Tibetans to place Buddhism and amulets.

The Tibetan women’s headwear is colorful, or the beads are full of heads, or they are smashed into the waterfall, dazzling and stunned. The most famous and most spectacular hair accessories for Tibetan women are the hair set "Garonne" and the silver shield decoration on it. These silver shields are as large as bowls, and one hair set weighs five or six pounds or even ten kilograms. The number of silver ornaments is more than 30.

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