Will inevitably lead to a more irrational urban traffic structure, forming a vicious circle

Non-social vehicles should be controlled when determining the future passenger transport structure. Public transport, such as large passenger capacity, large transport volume, low energy consumption, and low pollution, should be strongly promoted and developed. The analysis shows that if effective guidance and control measures are not taken, the fastest growing mode of travel in the future will be motorcycles, followed by taxis, self-owned vehicles and private motor vehicles. The transitional development of individual transportation will worsen the urban traffic environment, weaken the operational advantages of public transportation, cause further decline in the level of public service, and force more people to abandon public transportation and switch to other modes of transportation. This will inevitably lead to a more irrational urban transport structure and a vicious circle. The transformation of individual traffic into public transport should be a future trend, especially for motorcycles.

In the long run, motorcycles, as a transitional vehicle for bicycles and cars (private), cannot be allowed to develop freely. They should try their best to reduce or convert motorcycle traffic into public transportation. At present, the motorcycle market restrictions on listing have achieved initial results. The use of motorcycles is implicitly restricted by means of tax increases. On some roads where traffic is too crowded in Taicheng, such as Caiyuan Street and Naihe East Road, motorcycles can be clearly banned. For road sections and intersections where traffic pressure is too high during peak hours, measures such as prohibiting motorcycles from passing or turning left during peak hours are taken.

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