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Turn the cake into artwork At the wedding of Prince William and Princess Kate in Britain, the most dazzling addition to the sacred and solemn status of the Cathedral of Westminster, the exquisite eight-story fondant cake at the wedding ceremony has also become the focus of music. In recent years, fondant by the royal family, the star wedding into the homes of ordinary people, although still high-end food, but the colorful icing, by the sweets masters, ever-changing, or vivid, or gorgeous refined, won the favor of fashion men and women.

The new enthusiasm for fondant cake weddings In the 18th century, people began to add wild fruits to their cakes and began to apply a layer of protein sugar on the cake surface to increase the flavor of the cake. In the 1920s, three-tiered wedding cakes began to dominate. The lowermost floor is used to entertain the wedding guests, and the middle delivery guests take home. The top floor is reserved until the child's baptism ceremony. In the 1970s, the Australians invented Sugar Paste. After the British introduced it, they flourished. But at the time, such cakes were only visible at royal weddings. Therefore, it was also regarded as a symbol of nobility. Later, the United Kingdom made use of these materials to create a variety of flowers, animals, and figures, and placed exquisite handmade decorations on the cake.

According to Ma Yuan, a technician at the Tianjin Cardon Fondant Cake Shop, this kind of cake art is different from the common cream cake, because the fructose raw material used as the exterior decoration is very malleable, so it can be produced like "plasticine". See the modeling works. The fondant transliteration from fondant is a highly malleable, edible decorative material. It is different from the cream cake that we usually eat. It uses fondant and flower sugar as the main material to replace the common fresh cream, covering it on the cake body, and then decorating it with various sugar-like flowers, animals, etc. The cake is as exquisite and gorgeous as an ornament. Because it is longer than the cake decorated with whipped cream, it is beautiful, three-dimensional, easy to shape, and has a large space in appearance. It is the most popular type of cake in foreign countries and the most commonly used cake for weddings and anniversaries. The cake of fondant cakes is a method of making American cakes. It uses fresh eggs, imported cream and fresh milk, and other natural ingredients. It even adds healthy fresh fruit or imported brandy and dried fruits and vegetables. It cuts the cake into thin slices. , with milk, coffee, citrons or cocktails are very suitable.

According to reports, as the fondant art cake is still in its infancy in the Chinese market, with the rise of the Chinese cake gift market, users are no longer satisfied with the ordinary, creamy cake with a plain taste. The fondant cake can be customized according to customer preferences. After the service was launched, customers were already accustomed to customizing the cake according to the preferences of the object they wanted.

The fondant cakes are exquisitely delicacy and unique, often appearing on important occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and celebrations. Among them, wedding cakes are most favored by fashion men and women. At present, special wedding cupcakes are more popular among young people. They not only save the cumbersome process of traditional cake segmentation, but also serve as a lawn wedding afternoon tea or a gift-giving guest.

The fondant process turns the cake into an art fondant. Fondue is a long-term preserve that can be used as a permanent collection of crafts. An "antique" wedding cake is preserved in the Willis Museum in the United Kingdom. It was made during the reign of Queen Victoria in 1898. The design of the cake reflects the luxurious style of the time. The cake itself is double-layered, and the lower part has a layer similar to the base. A thin metal stick passed through between the base and the cake, and a small bouquet of flowers stood on the top of the stick. It is still preserved. The fondant can be kept permanently after being air-dried. The fondant flowers can be put into the flower pot as home furnishings. Now some parents give their children custom-made fondant doll cakes. Doll toys can be preserved as souvenirs for children.

"In the form of fondant cakes, it is divided into two types, both fixed and custom. Custom models are specially designed by professional designers according to customer requirements." Ma Yuan told reporters that when customers come to the store to customize the cake, they must first meet the store's reception. The staff put forward their own ideas, and then the professional designer combined with the customer's ideas, plus his own creativity to draw a drawing, repeatedly modified until the customer satisfied, before ordering production. The final price of the cake is determined mainly by the design and creativity of the designer. The more complex the design, the more unique the shape, the more decorative the cake, the higher the final total price, and the price range from a few thousand to over ten thousand yuan.

Not long ago, there was a young boy who walked into the cake shop with a sketch of himself. On the map is a pink heart-shaped cake, he told the designer that he will hide the proposal ring in the jewelry box fondant cake. “This cake has produced very good results, eventually helping the young boy to complete his wish. After a lot of customers asked to marry, he chose this cake,” a staff member told reporters. “At present, it seems that young female customers are most like to customize the bags of luxury brands. When a beautiful and realistic bag cake appeared in the banquet, it was very amazing.”

Fondant production of health and food should pay attention to the use of sugar fondant sugar confetti materials, ganpes (flower sugar), plastic fondant, protein icing, etc., according to their different hardness and ductility, modeling difficult Ease, can create a variety of shapes. The fondant sugar texture is relatively soft and is generally used to cover the icings of cakes. The Ganpes (sweetened sugar) texture is a bit harder and easier to mould, making it suitable for delicate flowers. Each type of fondant has its own recipe, which can be purchased on its own. Domestically available fondants can also be purchased domestically. Ma Yuan said, “The production of fondant cakes is actually a process of artistic creation. It's like playing plasticine as a child. Although the production of fondant cakes is time-consuming and laborious, everyone enjoys this process. The passion for creation and the finished product come out. The sense of beauty and satisfaction that people bring is not something that ordinary fresh cream cakes can give."

Take the simple example of "Angry Bird Fondant Doll":

1. First, round the sugared dough, it is best not to have patterns and impurities, otherwise it will be easy to crack for a long time.

2. If you want to make character figurines from the feet to the head, you can grasp the emphasis and make related shapes by hand or mold.

3. When binding, the binder is concentrated sugar water or water soluble. However, no matter what kind of adhesive, only a little thin coating. Otherwise, too much water will affect the shape of the doll, and even out of shape.

4. Finally, it is air dried by a dehumidifier.

At present, there are more and more small fondant cake shops. Although the prices of these shops are relatively low, it seems difficult to ensure hygiene and disinfection. From the “hands-on” production process of fondant cakes, Ma Yuan told reporters that the production of cakes must pay attention to health, such as regular cake shop staff to enter the work room to conduct overall professional disinfection, technicians should wear masks, hands Must be soaked in disinfectant for strict disinfection.

The director of the First Affiliated Nutrition Department of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Li Yanling, said that fondant itself is sweet, and food coloring is added to the shape. Proper eating will not affect the health of the person but it should not be eaten too much. Ma Yuan suggested that when eating cakes, first remove all the external decorations, then remove the cake icing, and finally cut the cake, it is not recommended to eat icing.

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