Legend of the East China Sea Crystal

Throughout the ages, the purest thing in the world is crystal. It is often compared to the tears of a masculine girl, the stars of the summer night, the crystallization of the wisdom of the saints, the essence of all things in the earth. People also endowed the rare crystals with many beautiful mythological accidents, pinning the symbols, hopes and mysteries.

There are two stories about the origins of the East China Sea crystal.

According to one legend, the crystal here is brought by the crystal cattle in the sky.

It is said that there was a melon old man at the foot of Niushan in the East China Sea, playing with watermelon for a lifetime. In the spring drought this year, Niushan was cracked. The melon old man planted five acres of watermelon, and every day he worked hard to save the water to keep a watermelon. The longer the watermelon grows, the more it seems that there is a big fight. At noon this day, the neighboring village rich man "bad plaster" went thirsty, and he had to buy this melon to quench his thirst. The old man was hesitating, and suddenly the cry of the cow came from the belly of the melon: "Grandpa, I am the cow of Niushan, you can save me." Gua Laohan felt strange and asked: "How do you drill into the belly of melon?" "Is it inside?" said the cow. "It’s too hot. I’m so thirsty that I’m drinking this melon and drinking melon juice. I can’t get it.” “How can I save you?” Gua Laohan was anxious to pick up his hand. The cow said: "You must not sell this watermelon to the bad guy. If he tributes to the emperor, Niushan will have no treasure! You open the watermelon early and let me go out." It is said that the rotten plaster will call the family to come to grab the watermelon. When it was said that it was too late, the melon man slashed his knife toward the watermelon, and he heard a "bang", a golden light shot from the melon, illuminating half of the sky. The entire Niushan shines. Look again, follow the golden light rushed out of the crystal cattle to pull a crystal sulfur, crystal clear, brighten the eyes of people. Shenniu saw the old man, and he stumbled and said: "Game grandfather, you have crystal beans in this place, collect it!" The rotten plaster saw the crystal bull, and I was overjoyed and busy calling the family Ding: "The cow is afraid of three support, and quickly spreads it." Get the crystal cattle, get the crystal sulfur, collect the crystal beans!" A group of family members will surround the crystal cattle, the crystal cattle rushing to the west, where the crystal sulfur is pulled, where the crystal light flashes. Jingniu left and right 闯 can not get out of the encirclement, melon old man anxious, so that the back of the knife illuminate the cow's buttocks, screaming, shouting: "Not too fast!" Just listen to the "哞" 吼, Jing The cow will have a painful sputum, and will suddenly smash the rotten plaster into a sputum, and then rush to the Niushan, and see the Niushan Jinguang one fried, the crystal cattle plunged into the mountain. The diners were crying and sorrowful, and the corpse was pulled back. The melon old man decided to look at it again. He ignited and leaped on the ground. He found a digging and dug out some sparkling crystals and watery stones. It turned out to be some valuable crystal stones.

Crystal and the cow, the East China Sea folks have another saying: According to legend, a god in the sky steals the mortal world, steals the watermelon of the melon farmer, and is discovered by the owner of the melon garden. All the way to catch up, from the southwest to the northeast, the cows run and pee. In which land the pure bovine urine is immersed, crystals grow in which part.

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