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Legendary cowboy (wealth hotline:) jeans, cowhide belt, leather wallet, leather bag ... the same cool, the same fashion, the same classic, the same never outdated, in the fashion trend, they will always Play a major role. Legend cowboy match, so unique to become your adjective! For Asians tall enough, legs are not enough slender, buttocks not enough soaring features, the use of 3D three-dimensional cut, stretch body, straight leg type, hip abdomen, hidden defects, beautify the body, the design reflects the human taste, Taking into account the wearer's physical and psychological dual feelings, wearing them unrestrained! Each has a unique pattern, can not think of personality can not be: can hold the phone, change, card, coin denim, so beautiful and rugged to be your mark! Legend of the cowboy into China, plans to invest a lot of resources to a variety of modes of operation in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Guangzhou and other major cities and second and third tier cities in the prime commercial district and first-class shopping malls to open legendary cowboy counters and flagship stores, International marketing experience and a strong management team to expand the Chinese market. Legendary cowboy in China were set up branding centers, product research and development centers, marketing service centers, logistics centers. With a world-class sales terminal management system to enhance market management capabilities for dealers and end-users to provide professional services to achieve sales network distance service management, while greatly reducing the management level, strong marketing, to maximize the profits of members of the network . The legendary cowboy (Website: http://) seize the market demand for brand pants cheap, relying on the strong economic strength and strict market analysis of the cowboy, on the basis of full investigation and research, bold judgment, accurate positioning, Decisive investment, to develop this potential gold garment, the introduction of fine jeans marketing new concept, since the beginning of 2011, China's pants market has become the most beautiful scenery, become today's pants sales of the most powerful enterprises. In order to fully support partners, the company based on reality, and strive to overcome the problems in all aspects of a small business strategy of the game market, for the majority of small and medium investors opened the door to creating wealth. Hundreds of well-known domestic and foreign brands and enterprises to establish a long-term strategic cooperative relations to formulate a scientific distribution mechanism, the establishment of a wealth of sources of supply, through the development of direct alliance distribution model, the extensive development of distributors, agents to implement efficient "One to One" direct docking, improve operational efficiency. Legendary cowboy created a new format, allowing customers to easily obtain fashion, so that investors make a lot of money, so that competitors can be prohibitive. The company carefully for the majority of customers and partners, fully meet the consumer needs of different customers, and strive to partners to create lucrative profit space and achieve win-win! Wolf respect International Business Management (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Address: Beijing Malibu Road on the 19th Tea House Building 8th Wealth Hotline: 400 -685-6799 Tel: Official Website: http:// com

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